Why choose DNA Gene Screen?


  1. -Legally Admissible

  2. -Convienient

  3. -Accurate

  4. -Quick Turnaround

Whether you require paternity testing for legal purposes or simply for your own information, you’ll will receive our full attention.  All DNA collections can now be performed by what is known as a "buccal" swab, therefore no blood sample is needed.  Simply place the swab between your cheek and gum for approximately two minutes and the specimen collection is complete.

         At DNA Gene Screen your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind is our top priority.  We will even perform DNA collections on a mobile basis to make your experience with us as convenient as possible.  There is absolutely no need to make the necessary preparations to come into one of our medical clinics when the collection process can be performed in the comfort of your own home, business, or attorney’s office, or if you prefer, you are welcome to come to one of our clinics located throughout the country.